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Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Logistic Services

For all those manufacturers out there, you know how tough it is to handle and manage the relationship with your suppliers. There are chances that there will be communication and cultural challenges that will cause interruptions in your supply chain. What if there is a company who really cares to offer the best, quality oriented, high tech and cost effective solution for all your manufacturing support.

Yes, you got it right. At LYNX, you can feel free to ask for the services and products related to the factories and manufacturing needs. The cutting edge technology used in the work process of LYNX is incredible and here you can enjoy the perks of getting the best in market services at prices you have never even imagined. Lynx can mitigate any supply chain issues you might have.

The products and services of LYNX are diverse and you can select any product or service according to the need of your business. Some of the important products offered by LYNX are Metal Fabrications, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Machining and Turning, Fineblank Stampings, Auto Guided Vehicles, Welded Fabrications, Aluminum parts and Assemblies, Fabricated Fitness Equipment, Cast and Machined Flywheels and Die Castings and Forgings. These are high tech products which can add value to your supply chain.


Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

LYNX has four strategically located warehouses: Shanghai, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Seattle. We can offer the best of both worlds, low cost manufacturing and local delivery.  Contact us to find out more information.

Precision Metal Fabrication Services     

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