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Idler & Drive Pulleys

LYNX Precision Products is a leading manufacturer of custom high performance pulleys for the OEM and replacement part market. We offer idler and drive pulleys, including V-belt idlers, flat belt idlers, round belt idlers, cable pulleys and AK, or DriveN pulleys. These pulleys are used for high-speed idlers on conveyors, material handling equipment, motors, engines, machinery, fitness equipment, and other equipment that requires power transmission control.

The advantages of LYNX Precision Products’ pulleys include:

  • Expert support from our experienced staff to manufacture your pulley to exact specifications.
  • Cost-effective, efficient machining and casting manufacturing processes.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Range of materials available include steel, aluminum, and glass-injected nylon composite.
  • Composite pulleys are lightweight and corrosion resistant, and provide consistent strength and performance. Composite materials offer greater design flexibility than aluminum or steel.
  • Quantities available from short run through full production.

We understand that the performance of your end product is dependent on the quality and performance of its components. At LYNX, we will work with you to ensure that your pulley meets the exact specifications of your application, even for the most demanding environments. We bring you the high quality and customer service you expect at offshore prices.

Custom Pulley Manufacturer

LYNX is headquartered in the U.S. and owns a custom manufacturing facility in China, supported by a network of high quality Chinese manufacturers. We manage the relationship with the manufacturer, eliminating any communications and cultural challenges you may have experienced working with offshore manufacturers, and ensuring the highest quality product.

Our manufacturing services include:

  • Turnkey fabricating and machining services – Our manufacturing services include metal fabricating, CNC machining and turning, fineblanking, laser cutting, drilling, finishing, and assembly.
  • In-process quality control – All of the parts and components manufactured by LYNX are manufactured using the Toyota quality system, including in-process quality control. We adhere to Level 3 PPAP standards so that you can be assured that your products are delivered production-ready. LYNX is ISO 9001-2008 certified. All of our manufacturing facilities have a proven record of meeting the stringent quality requirements of U.S. and European customers.
  • Local delivery – We operate 3 stocking warehouses in the U.S.
  • Vendor-managed inventory program – LYNX can manage your production inventory and supply chain through our standing order and just-in-time delivery program.
  • U.S. payment terms – LYNX is based in the U.S., so we offer invoicing and payment through our U.S. offices. You don’t need to worry about letters of credit, prepayments, or the other inconveniences of working directly with foreign manufacturers.

LYNX Precision Products is proud of our reputation for providing the highest quality parts and components for our customers. Our U.S.-based sales and marketing staff are available to help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

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